Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH #67 GOOD FACE
Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH #67 GOOD FACE

Scott Barnes PRO BRUSH #67 GOOD FACE

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The #67 brush is a powder powerhouse great for the face, neckline, jawline, chest and shoulder. Scott frequently uses this brush to cover large areas quickly and also to stack layers of makeup below the face. With longer bristles than your average powder brush, the #67 is great for when you want a large brush you can use to apply a little pressure to without it losing its shape

The #67 brush demands attention when you pull it from your kit and pays it back with a full rich coverage you can’t find elsewhere.


With the #67 you can use it for highlighting, contouring, bronzing, toasting edges, and buffing. It’s truly a multi purpose tool used to create that rich and full look. The delicacy of the fibers and the softness make this the ultimate tool for laying down the sexiest and most refined powder areas possible. The Scott Barnes #67 Good Face is the only large brush you need.


  • Cruelty-Free, 100% Synthetic Fibers
  • All wood handle
  • Aluminum ferrule
  • Scott Barnes’ hot stamp
  • Large blunt fan with rounded edge
  • No Shedding
  • Does not change shape
  • Clean with make-up brush cleanser

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