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Get a whiter, brighter smile in as little as 14 days

✓ 100% Safe ✓ Non-Peroxide ✓ Removes Stains ✓ Simple & Easy to Apply ✓ Just Apply Strips and Wait

Polished Teeth Whitening, teeth whitening strips have been designed and tested to whiten your teeth, with our enamel safe signature peroxide free formula it will break down and remove surface stains collected from food , drink .

Application is 30 minutes a day for 14 days , when sticking to the plan you could achieve results of 6 shades whiter teeth and help bring back that irresistibly white smile .

Start by choosing your whitening strips plan either the 2, 4 or 6 week plan, then follow the directions on how to use the whitening strips, each day for 30 minutes and making sure you include the resting phase.

Resting Phase

If you purchase the 4 week or 6 week course it is advised that you have a resting period from the whitening process to let your teeth rest. Our recommended resting phase is 1 week following every 2 weeks of whitening.
2 weeks whitening - 1 week rest - 2 weeks whitening - 1 week rest - repeat this pattern for the length of your plan.

Top Tips

  • For best results we recommend you use the products in the evening just before bedtime, the reason we advise this is because throughout the day you will have collected lots of stains from your daily lifestyle choices.
  • If possible, floss before using our products, this allows our whitening formula to get to work deeper in the crevices between teeth.
  • The best way to monitor your results is to try and take picture of your teeth before you start whitening and then every few days, take the pictures in normal light preferably without flash. As you go through the process you will notice the amazing difference, don't forget to share it with us on social media

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