FACE atelier #4 Foundation Brush
FACE atelier #4 Foundation Brush

FACE atelier #4 Foundation Brush

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Our best-selling foundation brush features tapered, dense, synthetic fibres that make it perfect tool to apply Ultra Foundation.

The tacklon hairs don’t absorb product, ensuring that every precious drop is deposited on your face with absolute precision. This brush is essential to achieve a smooth, even flawless finish. The hand-tapered end allows you to cover every nook and cranny without switching to a smaller brush.

PRO Tips:

  • When using FACE Atelier’s foundation brush, start in the t-zone using a short, spackling motion. Don't use long sweeping strokes.
  • Red carpet tip - don’t forget to pat product into the crevices on either side of the nose and next to the ear lobes. These areas are often forgotten and typically redder than the rest of your face.
  • Because of its tapered end, you can also use this brush to precisely apply concealer.

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