Embryolisse HYDRA MASK
Embryolisse HYDRA MASK

Embryolisse HYDRA MASK

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Hydra Mask: Intense Moisturizing & Regenerating Care: This moisturising cream mask bathes the skin in moisturising and regenerating active ingredients that plumps in just minutes.

Hyaluronic acid, natural Sesame & Sweet Almond plant oils, and vitamins (A, E and F) regenerate the skin's barrier, smooth the skin, and ensure an optimal level of moisturizing. The skin looks more plump and toned; it is soft and smooth, and the complexion is fresh and radiant. For all skin types.

How to Apply

Use Hydra-Mask once or twice a week on the face and neck, or as first-aid treatment after an intense bout of dryness. Apply to clean, dry skin; leave for 5 to 15 minutes, then wipe or rinse off the excess.
Skin type
For ALL Skin Type
60 ml

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