7DAYS All-In-One Travel Set
7DAYS All-In-One Travel Set

7DAYS All-In-One Travel Set

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Specially prepared for unforgettable travels! Forget about the problems associated with transporting makeup products in hand luggage. Feel free to proceed with your favorite beauty procedures right on the plane - thanks to our packaging.

We have placed in this travel set everything that you need for full-fledged self-care.
The ALL-IN-ONE set contains:

• YOUR EMOTIONS TODAY Foam primer for washing for light and dreamy Air formula

• YOUR EMOTIONS TODAY Tonic + lotion + essence for the successful and determined Iris and Jasmine

• YOUR EMOTIONS TODAY BB-fluid-glow for a happy you who is in love Moisturizing Glass skin
• YOUR EMOTIONS TODAY Gel skin for the stressful and excited Soothing Aloe Vera 98%
• YOUR EMOTIONS TODAY face mask for sleeping and slowly with Donkey Milk
• HAPPY HANDS Cream perfume for hands HELLO, EVERYBODY! with Melon
• HAPPY FEET Cream for heels and toes feet BABY SILKY FEET with Shea butter and Mint
• SPACE FACE Tear mask film ALIEN GIRL with dust and a part of the Star Moonsea

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